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It goes without saying that the last 2 years has been a nightmare for our Group committee, especially the Rally Officer who saw his previous year’s work on a rally programme decimated by so many cancellations, however, for the best part of this year Temporary Holiday Campsite’s where put in place and members had the opportunity to meet up with old and new friends.

  At this year’s Annual General meeting our outgoing Rally Officer presented a programme for 2022 of Temporary Holiday campsites to members present, the programme was agreed by all.

  During the year our membership has risen considerably and the committee are determined to make best use of the Temporary Holiday Sites that have been set out in our programme, this programme can be viewed on our web page. It is our intention to return to some of the individual programmes that have been a success in previous years starting with a “Burns Night” further into the programme progressing with a “Forties Night” and “The Queens Platinum Jubilee” in June. I am sure we will be celebrating the return of the “National” in May with many more fantastic weekends.

  It is my intention to introduce members Forums in order that members can take a more active part in the running of their group. Members have asked if we can have some four day meetings starting on the Thursdays to eliminate some of the travelling problems they incur, also to start earlier on a Friday. I can promise that all requests will be listened to by the committee, decisions made and most of all reasons will be given if requests cannot be full filled.

  We will still have some Temporary Holiday Campsites to full fill this year including Christmas Dinner and New Year.

I appreciate Covid 19 is still with us and that we are bound by advice given by the Club, however, let’s go forward and make the most of the coming Year.

     Don Hooley

     Chairman Lancashire Group of The Motorcaravanners Club