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The Annual General Meeting of The Motor Caravanners’ Club Lancashire Group

is to be held on Saturday the 9 th  October at Warren Farm Equestrian Centre Formby

starting at 11am. It will be followed by the Members meeting

Current membership cards must be produced to gain access.

 Due to the Covid restrictions there was no AGM held in 2020 and in line with other

Groups the Lancashire Committee members carried on for another year.

In Lancashire one third of the committee members retire each year this means that the

following members are retiring this year.

Eric Hodgson, Assistant Treasurer, retiring and seeking re-election.

Barbara Hodgson, Booking Officer, retiring and seeking re-election.

Tony Rooney, Treasurer, retiring and seeking re-election.

Dean Kindleysides, Vice-Chair, retiring and seeking re-election

Mel Clements, Chairman, retiring and not seeking re-election

James Westerman, Safety Office,r retiring and not seeking re-election

David Pye, Rally Officer is resigning at this AGM

Marie Moran,, Secretary, Came on for one year only in 2019, covid has spread this to

two. She is ready to come off as Secretary. The new Chairperson would then be able

to find their own secretary but if needed she would be available to help.

 We are therefore looking for new members to come on the committee and also a new

Chairman, Secretary, Rally Officer and Safety Officer. The Group needs a

Chairperson, Secretary and Rally Officer to continue. Please consider whether you

could come on the committee and/or fill these posts. Our constitution allows us to

have twelve committee members

Nomination forms will be available at all the Temporary Campsites until the AGM or

can be obtained from the Secretary. These should be given or sent to the Secretary, if

possible by the TC prior to the AGM but will be accepted on the day

Tabled motions should be sent to the Secretary by message or Email At least 28 days prior to the meeting for display in the Chairman’s file, on show at each TC.


                      TEL. (07869 403936)


   I am concerned for the outcome of the group.If we do not have any nominations for the vacant posts of Chairman, Secretary and Rally Officer, this will result in the group closing for a period of time or completely. With this in mind I am prepared to put my name forward for the up coming vacancy of Group Chairman and hope that other members would join me and consider the other vacancies of Secretary and Rally Officer.

Covid has not been kind in respect to rallies and I am aware the Group Committee have worked hard during this time, so please rally round and save the group. I am prepared to work hard with the present committee and hopefully a new Secretary and Rally officer.

   Regards Don Hooley.

     If you would like to reply via our contact us form or have any comments or concerns, please feel free.

Please be aware that these three posts are essential for the running and continuance of the group