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Thanks to Sandra & Mel and Lisa and Dean for hosting our rally 13th to 15th September at Farmer Parrs, Fleetwood. It started with the person in charge of the place saying that we hadn’t booked it and although we could park, there wasn’t any chance of a room (which is not our idea of a rally in September). Then, just as Mel had messages put everywhere possible and many members were contacted by ‘phone, the man in charge came to his ‘van to say what his problem was with the bookings. Mel having pointed out when the site was booked and then confirmed just two weeks prior, made suggestions how the ‘problems’ could be overcome. So, all problems overcome, and messages reversed, the rally went ahead as planned minus coffee morning on Sunday! 22 ‘vans arrived including one from Northern Counties. We did many of our usual things with the usual people winning the usual games of chance, even though Brian stood in for Allan who was unable to come. As we didn’t have the space for dancing, we had a quiz both nights. On Saturday many ventured out for the day, most visiting Fleetwood.  In the evening we were treated to music and singing by our own of ukulele band, The Mersey Ukers. They were very good, and everybody enjoyed them – a smashing night and a smashing rally.


Eric & Barbara and Tony & Hilary were our hosts at Hoghton Hall. 14 units battled their way through the wind and rain, but it was well worth it. We were tested thoroughly with a ‘van quiz and quizzes on both nights. On Friday night we had bingo with Allan back in the chair and I managed to win a couple for a change. Then Beattie had us all laughing with her joke telling. Saturday had us venturing out when the weather improved. Some dog walking and some enjoyed refreshments and/or meals at the pub which was conveniently positioned just over the road. The rain returned as night fell but we continued to enjoy ourselves with The A Team, Allan & Brian, presenting Take Your Pick. Dancing followed then a ‘simple’ game using badminton equipment: most of us were useless but there was a lot of laughter.     

       Coffee morning arrived with fresh hot toast. Mel our Chairman told gave us current information reminding everyone of our future needs regarding committee personnel etc. He thanked the hosts and Dean for the music and all helpers, and we add our thanks to Mel & Sandra, for the support given to all hosts. Al.