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                            LANCASHIRE GROUP NEWS  (January 2nd 2020)  

                            Happy New Year!

Our 1st rally in November was at Park High School, Colne, hosted by Mel, Sandra, Lisa & Dean. There were 22 ’vans – 2 NW Mids & N Wales & 1 East Mids & 19 Lancashire. The weather was cool & dry.

   On Friday, Mel, our Chairman, welcomed everyone to the rally and chatted to most during the evening. We played bingo with our number one caller, Allan. Dean played music and some of us enjoyed a little line dancing. Lisa presented a quiz and she had us all laughing. Our team drew with Carole’s, but I lost the tie break!

On Saturday many went into Colne to spend the cash left from Fridays visit to Boundary Mill, which is   a very convenient place to park before the designated start time of the rally (so is Banny’s chippy). Others joined in the craft workshop with Val’s Krafty Krew. In the evening the people in the hall were divided into teams and asked to send up to the front just two or three people to join in three simple games. The winners won enough sweets to share with all on their team. There was also a Music quiz which Lisa presented with assistance from Dean. The entertainment ended with general dancing.

   The rally ended after a mug of coffee, on Remembrance Sunday. Brian helped with the silence and usual words followed by the poem, A Thousand Men. Mel thanked hosts, helpers and all who attended, wishing us a safe journey home.

   Our 2nd rally in November was at Warton, hosted by me, Brian, Marie & Jack. There were 15 ‘vans - 1 Anglia 1 NW Mids and 13 from Lancashire. The weather was dry with some rain late on Saturday.

   Mel welcomed all on Friday evening and introduced Marie & John, from Anglia group, who had never attended any MCC rally before. It was Marie’s birthday, so she had to go on the chair and meet us up close! We quickly got on with the selling of tickets and taking names of entrants for our new game, Beanbag Boules.  After bingo, with background music from Dean and Jack we played up to the semi-finals. Brian then presented his quiz which our team won, with the help of visitors.

   Saturday was an afternoon of board games. In the evening we enjoyed watching the finals of the Beanbag Boules with Bernard winning the wine. Take Your Pick followed with Allan & Brian then a quiz presented by Allan, won by Hilary’s team.  Dean then played skiffle music and a comical impromptu Group was quickly formed. This was followed with dancing and a song from Bill to end the night.

   Sunday coffee morning the ‘van quiz was marked and there were two winners who each received a prize. Winners of the Bonus Ball and raffle were given their monetary prizes.   Mel closed the rally with his thanks to hosts, helpers and all who attended wishing us a safe onward journey. Al.