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  Please read the COVID 19 rules listed below in red


                                      COVID 19 SAFETY RULES


The rules under which the MCC Lancashire temporary campsites are to be operated are as follows:-

1. Covid rules must be adhered to at all times. The Risk Assessment which we must follow is now on the Club website in the members only area, link on front page to RA’s

2. MCC events are now defined as Temporary Campsites.

3. Only pre-booked members will be sited. Non-booked will not be allowed on site, and as such will be turned away. There will be no exceptions to this rule

4. Strictly no day visitors allowed on site.

5. There can be no door to door parking.

6. Full details must be supplied on booking including your contact details for track and trace. The contact details will be kept for 21 days following the end of the event and then destroyed.

Details will be on the website for each event regarding payment, i.e. full in advance or balance, after booking fee, on site

7.On entering site you are to stay in your vehicle, do not enter the shelter or host’s accommodation. Each person in the vehicle must confirm they do not have any Covid symptoms before proceeding on site, Booking details and balance due should be placed in an envelope and handed in.

8. Social and group gatherings are not allowed, for example bingo, barbeques etc

9. Up to 6 people are allowed in a ‘bubble’, socially distanced at 2metres but you are not allowed to change bubbles for the duration of the meet.

10. ‘Bubbles’ cannot take place inside vans or enclosed awnings (with sides and roof). Only people from your own household can do this unless the accepted exceptions apply.

11. Please bring your own anti-bacterial gel and gloves for freshwater and Elsan points.

12. Please observe social distancing procedures and follow the government guidelines relevant at the time and observe hygiene and cleaning procedures. Failure to do so could result in you being asked to leave the site. In this event no refunds will be paid.

These rules should enable us to have a safe and enjoyable stay.

Lancashire Secretary.

A SPECIAL thanks to the following.who have helped me with the fundraising,contributed in way of Raffles,  Prizes and Donations etc

during the last 7 months prior to the pandemic.

Glenys and Keith.Allan and Barbara.Sue and Kath.Bill and BeattieAli and Do.Brian and Alma.

Irene and Brian.Lynn and Stan .Teresa Guyver Tony and Hilary.Mel and Sandra.Janet Rayner.

And for the theatre hats I made for The Royal Lancaster Infirmary, a big thanks to Sue.

If there is anyone I have forgotten to mention I apologise.

A massive big thank you to you all. Stay safe everyone and hope to see you all soon.