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       TEL: 01282 617398


01706 216281

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     Jack Moran                            01254201058


     Lisa Kindleysides                    07841977377

   Vice Chairman

      Brian Herschell                       07985380705


                            Stephen Wright                       07966224196

   Assistant secretary

                            Barbara Hodgson                   07951090009


   Tony Rooney                       0785570292

Assistant Treasurer

                             Ken Robinson                      0194661147

 Rally Officer

                           Robert Lonai                       07523353176   

assistant rally officer

      Vivienne Moore                    07976478522

Safety officer

       Bobby Moore                       07976478522

Committee members

        Dean Kindleysides                07841977377  

                              Hilary Rooney                       07973302534                               Angela Williams                      07443335189                               

 Other Information Non committee

Public Relations    Sandra Clements           01772696662

Booking Officer    Barbara Hodgson          07951090009

Assistant Rally Officer & Rally Marshal

Mel Clements  07795062734

Group Scribe Alma Herschell

01612841648 or 07985380705

Webmaster & Entertainments Officer

 Allan Parker      07988525230          

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Lancashire Group of The Motorcaravanners Club